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After you accepted the quotation we sent to you, you can send us the info we should use for your website or branding designs. As soon as we have all the necessary information, we can get started with your website or design. Having all the info as soon as possible enables us to complete the project faster. Send your info to us by completing the relevant form below.

You can send your Website info or your Branding info on this page.

Dropbox folder for photos

Click on the Dropbox icon below to add your photos, logo and any other files to the shared Desygn/Dropbox folder. We prefer using Dropbox to send photos instead of e-mailing them. Dropbox does not have a size limit for sending files.

For online shops: Download the template below, rename it (your company name in the title) and complete it with your product info. We will use this to add the info to the products in your online shop. Send your completed product list to us at or add it to the Dropbox folder.

Use the form below to send photos, pictures, ideas, your logo etc. which should be used as content for your website.

Use the form below to send photos, pictures, ideas, your logo etc. which should be used in your designs.

Previous designs

Logo, business card, letterhead, e-mail signature, ads, flyers, invites, social media images.
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Photo editing
We can do just about anything! Remove or add someone/something from a photo. Tweak, enhance, add colour to black and white photos, restore old or torn photos.
Click here to view some examples of what we can do. 

Website design
Whether it's a website or online shop you need, we would love to be a part of this.
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