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Desygn - eMail signature


February email signature

Dominic – LLL

eMail signature - Dominic

Annuska – LLL

eMail signature - Annuska

Janine – LLL

eMail signature - Janine

Chene – LLL

eMail signature - Chene

Bianca – LLL

eMail signature - Bianca

Yolandi – LLL

eMail signature - Yolandi

Belinda – LLL

eMail signature - Belinda

Suz – LLL

eMail signature - Suzanne

<img src = ““>

<img src = ““>

Info – Bonds Teksa

eMail signature - Info (Bonds Teksa)

Cathy Meyer

eMail signature - Cathy M (Bonds Teksa)

Michelle Pretorius

eMail signature - Michelle P (Bonds Teksa)

Linda Taljaard

eMail signature - Linda T (Bonds Teksa)

Lezette Jones

eMail signature - Lezette J (Bonds Teksa)

Magda Venter

eMail signature - Magda V (Bonds Teksa)

Tanja Ebersohn

eMail signature - Tanja E (Bonds Teksa)-01

Cathy Meyer – Property Divas

Cathy Meyer 2 – Property Divas

eMail signature - Cathy (Property Divas)

Linda Taljaardt – Property Divas

eMail signature - Linda (Property Divas)

Tanja Ebersohn – Property Divas

eMail signature - Tanja (Property Divas)

Lezette Jones – Property Divas

eMail signature - Lezette (Property Divas)

Lizelle Botha – Property Divas

eMail signature - Lizelle (Property Divas)

Instructions to add your e-mail signature to your e-mails without it showing the e-mail signature image as an attachment.

Remember that these e-mail signature settings will apply only to Webmail and will not automatically appear in your e-mail program, so you have to set it up in your Webmail and Outlook.

– Login into your webmail:
– Click on “Settings” in the top right hand corner.
– Click on “Identities”, then on the e-mail address you want to add the e-mail signature to.
– You can complete the fields at the top with your details (if it’s not displayed on your e-mail signature image).
– Tick the “HTML signature” block to see more settings.
– In the signature field, click on the “Source code” button. The icon looks like this: <>
– Paste the text below (in green) into the field you will see on the screen and add your image link instead of “URL” and click on “OK”:

<img src = “URL”>

Where “URL” is the link I sent you for your e-mail signature image.
Example: <img src = “×150.png“>

– Click on the Source code again and remove the &ldquo; and &rdquo; and then click on “OK” again.
– Click on “OK” again to save your e-mail signature setup.
– If setup correctly, your e-mail signature will now be visible.
– Click on “Save”
– Your image should now appear in your signature.
– Send an e-mail to test that it all works.

– Open your Outlook program
– Click on “File” then on “Options”
– Go to “Mail” and “Signatures”
– Create new signature
– Click on the “insert picture” icon and select the image you want to use for your e-mail signature.  You can add a link to the image as well (click on your inserted image and then on the “Insert Hyperlink” icon and paste the link to your website or Facebook page on the field named “Address” and click on “OK”).
– Send an e-mail to test your e-mail signature.

Outlook may block images if your “Automatic download” settings are disabled. You can click on the message that will be displayed at the top of your e-mail: “Click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of some pictures in this message”.  You can also change your Automatic Download settings there. 

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