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We believe in getting things done perfect online hassle-free
Desygn is an online design company that cuts the hassles of meetings and time consuming negotiations. Everything happens online – from your very first selection, to your design preferences and styles. When the design process starts, you will have a designated online space where you can follow along the journey. This way you know exactly how the project is progressing and can share your input while we are still in the process of creating.
Time is of the essence to us. To get your business branding sorted or your website live as soon as possible is our first priority. Nothing is impossible and if we can be part of the process of improving your business, we will be onboard every step of the way!
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Business Branding
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Photo Editing
Slider pics – Contact us – Photo Editing
A few examples of what we can do with photos
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Previous designs

Logo, business card, letterhead, e-mail signature, ads, flyers, invites, social media images.
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Photo editing
We can do just about anything! Remove or add someone/something from a photo. Tweak, enhance, add colour to black and white photos, restore old or torn photos.
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Website design
Whether it's a website or online shop you need, we would love to be a part of this.
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